The Online Car Mechanic Game

In Car Mechanic Tycoon you are the owner of a Car Mechanic company. Accept customer orders, hire employees and repair customers' cars. Play together with other players to get more materials and tools to speed up your orders. Do you have what it takes to make your company the best?

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The Online Car Mechanic Game

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Overview (iOS)

Start your own Car Garage

Car Mechanic Tycoon is an online game that challenges you to start your own car garage business and then puts you in charge of all the day-to-day tasks involved in managing these types of businesses. You take orders from customers (cars with malfunctions or defects), which you can pick yourself from a list that changes every hour. If you fulfill these orders on time, you will earn money to buy better tools, for example. You can also use this money to further expand your buildings, such as your garage or warehouse. If you are late, you will lose points and your position in the world ranking will deteriorate. This ranking lists all other players with their companies.
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What to do in Car Mechanic Tycoon?


Plan your orders

New orders are available every hour. Orders consist of several tasks. For example, there are tasks where you have to assemble parts, but there are also tasks where you have to replace fluids. Find the most profitable ones and make sure to complete them on time. If you don't, it will cost your company points and the competitor will overtake you. So don't leave too many orders in your garage.

Keep an eye on your Employees

Select and hire employees. This can be done on the basis of experience, knowledge or age. For example, an older employee will retire earlier, but will have more experience. So choose wisely. In the beginning, you only need mechanics and a bookkeeper, but as you level up, you can also hire technical managers and HR managers to automate some of your tasks. This will allow you to focus more on the most important tasks that earn you your money.

Make sure your employees are happy, get enough sleep and reschedule your employees if one of them gets sick. You will also have to deal with holiday requests from your employees. If you don't do this or not on time, your employees will become angry and you have the chance that they will resign. If that happens, it will cost you extra money, because you will have to recruit new employees again.

Keep an eye on your stock

Parts and fluids are required for your orders. The prices of these parts change regularly. Also, parts are often on sale. So buy all parts and fluids wisely and then store them in your warehouse. The larger the warehouse, the more parts you can stock when they are on sale. So make sure there is enough space available or upgrade your buildings if necessary. You can also repair old parts if necessary, saving you even more money.

Work together with other players

Team up with other players in a corporation. Together you can buy special buildings to increase the efficiency of your company. For example, it is possible to buy a waste storage facility that ensures that your waste is collected automatically. You can also buy warehouses together that allow you to store a large buffer of parts if the parts are cheap. As the owner of a corporation, you decide who gets which tasks. If you do not want to start your own corporation, you can always join an existing corporation. Corporations can accept members as long as the offices are large enough. These will therefore have to be enlarged at the moment that they are about to become full.

Car Mechanic Tycoon on your Mobile Device

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